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The Immigration Department has recently announced that a multiple-entry e-visa for Vietnam will be priced at US$50, which is twice the cost of a single-entry visa. This update comes as Vietnam aims to stimulate its economy and tourism sector, implementing the issuance of multiple entry visas lasting up to 90 days.

However, due to a lack of information on the immigration department’s website, foreigners were left uncertain about the exact price of the multiple-entry e-visa.

The department has stated that the issuance process will require three working days to complete. To apply for the e-visa, individuals can visit the official immigration website at Vietnam Visa Online  or access the Ministry of Public Security’s portal at https://dichvucong.bocongan.gov.vn.

Notably, the validity period of the e-visa has been extended from the previous 30 days to a more convenient 90 days, providing travelers with an extended window to explore and enjoy their time in Vietnam.

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