Stone stream in Ba Ria a�� a cool destination for sunny day

Stone stream
Stone stream

If you want to climb mountain and sightsee but do not want to go far away, you can come to explore Stone stream in Dinh mountain in Chu Hai, Ba Ria a�� Vung Tau.

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This place is not far away from Ho Chi Minh city so you can go by motorbike along the national highway 51 to Chu Hai parish (Tan Hai commune, Tan Thanh district, Ba Ria a�� Vung Tau). From there, you go 5-6 kilometers more to reach this place.

It is the way to Stone stream. This place in the past was the red rock road, but recently it has been stoned to help the moving become more easily.

Stone stream
Stone stream

After parking, you walk a road more to reach Stone stream a�� a short walk under the shadow of green trees.

The attraction of Stone stream

In here, there are many small lakes which are formed along the stream. The winding roads have the rocks as signposts to go to other positions in the upper lake.The stream water is fresh and cool.

On the way up, there is a protruding ledge which is a beautiful place to take photograph but you should be careful because deep pool is below.

Stone stream
Stone stream

Immersing into the blue and cool water, you will have a fresh feeling. The little streams create a melodious music in the middle of mountains.

Around the lake there are small floor, serving tourists to rest and eat. It is suitable for those who love nature, or simply a weekend picnic with family and friendsa��