Nha Trang Beach – Vietnam

Nha Trang Beach
Nha Trang is a place to relax by day and to party by night. Its long beach is visited by locals first thing in the morning, from 5 am to 8 am. Vietnamese do not appreciate tanned skins. Foreign visitors come to the beach quite later.
Throughout the public beach are restaurants and bars that offer umbrellas and beds for rent. Most of these bars offer drinks and food. Prices are quite low, and the quality of the food is surprisingly high. Local vendors will offer you everything else you need. From fresh fruits to massages. I found these sellers some times annoying, but at the same time I found the goods they sold useful.
Nha Trang Beach
Nha Trang has an airport with daily flights from Da Nang, Hanoi and Saigon. You can also come from Saigon by train or bus. If you are traveling from the North, you can get to Nha Trang from Da nang by train. It is also possible to get to/from Da Nang by bus. I cannot recommend the bus, unless you have plenty of time and a low budget. By the way, if you are planning a backpack travel to Vietnam, there is a bus service that offers an open ticket from Hanoi to Saigon (or vice versa) for a few US dollars. With the Open Bus, you can stop in several cities on the way to your destination, stay there as long as you want, and continue the trip. You will find more info about the Open Bus tickets in any travel agency in the center of Hanoi and/or Saigon.
The offer of accommodation in Nha Trang is very varied. You may have to book in advance if you come during the high season (summer), but if not, it may not be necessary. Most hotels are located along the city’s main beach road, Tran Phu Boulevard. Unless you stay in a first class hotel, I recommend staying in hotels one street back from this road. Hotels in front of the road can be noisy. You will also find better deals and better services if you move inland.
If you do not have a hotel reservation, I recommend bringing a good and updated travel guide. If not, you will have to ask a taxi driver to look for a hotel. It is not that taxi drivers will rip you off, the problem is that you may waste a lot of time going from one hotel to the other till you find the one that satisfies you.
The culinary offer in Nha Trang is also very varied. One of the reasons I enjoyed my stay in Nha Trang was the quality of the food. This city is nation wide famous for its sea food specialties. Around the first class hotels you will find the best restaurants in town. In the tourist center of Nha Trang you will find some cheaper options. Some of the restaurants in this area serve western food (pizzas and burgers). For the real deal, ask a taxi driver to bring you to one of the local sea food restaurants. I went to a sea food restaurant North of the city, on the other side of the bridges, with an excellent offer of local sea food. Prices were not very high.
It is also possible to have sea food on the beach. While I was lying on a bed, this nice lady asked if we wanted to try the local lobsters. After a long negotiation we agreed on the price. She went to the local market, bought two lobsters and brought them alive. She cooked them on a small pan on the sand. Although tropical lobster is not as good as cold water lobster, this was a great lunch. If you buy sea food from a local, make sure it is alive.
Although I enjoyed my stay in Nha Trang, I think there are better options to spend a few days relaxing on the beach in the South of Vietnam. 150 miles (250 km) South of Nha Trang lies the town of Phan Thiet and the resort town of Muine. I consider these better places to relax. There is also the option of going to Phu Quoc, a paradisiacal island in the soth of Cambodia that belongs to Vietnam
If you want to do some tourism in Nha Trang, there are a couple of things you should not miss. One is the Long Son Pagoda. The other are the Cham towers.A�travel to vietnam