Ly Son island in the autunm

Ly Son island
Ly Son island

We arrived Ly Son on a day in the middle of November. This time is not tourist season so Ly Son is very peaceful.

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The beauty of Ly son island

Ly Son island is like the dreaming land among the vast sea with emerald waters. Ly Son is an island district of Quang Ngai province, located about 30 km from the coast, an area of 10 km2 and a population of over 20,000 people. In recent years, the island attracts tourists by beautiful untouched nature.

Our delegation travel to Ly Son Island in late November, when this place is covering by the gentle sun and cool sea wind. Besides, you can also arrive on the island at any time of the year as long as the weather is sunny and cool.

We are free to swim in the clear and blue waters. Swimming, snorkeling and above all listening to the sound of the sea and seeing the ideal paradise in the front are interesting experiences.

Ly Son island
Ly Son island

Ly Son this season is not the tourist season, so the island brings to us the relaxed and peaceful feeling. In each afternoon, I walk on the white sandy beach and watching each slow wave on black, nicely shapes.

In Ly Son, you have many options for transportation. On the Big Island, you can travel by motorcycle or three-wheel vehicles of the local people to move. If the mass, should you choose to rent the car.

The Small Island has a relatively small area, you can choose to walk or tram option. Some farmers on the island do this type of business.

Fresh seafood

Coming to Ly Son, you also enjoy specialty dishes such as garlic salad, anchovy salad, grilled squid, seaweed salad a��

Seafood on the island by fishermen is especially fresh. At here, you should try the king crab dishes, lobster and elephant snail.

Ly Son island
Ly Son island

In the evening, the coast is very beautiful. Sniffing the cool wind with fragrant grilled seafood flavor will make your senses be stimulated.

Lobsters cost about 500,000 dong per kilo. This dish is loved by also a lot of tourists.