The beauty of the unique laterite citadel in Hanoi

Son Tay ancient citadel
Son Tay ancient citadel

In addition to Thang Long Citadel and Co Loa ancient capital, another famous ancient citadel is Son Tay a�� one of the typical and the most beautiful laterite buildings in the North.

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The ancient laterite citadel Son Tay

About 45 km from the center of Hanoi to the west, the Son Tay ancient citadel is located between 2 old villages: Thuan Nghe and Mai Trai, built by King Minh Mang in 1822, making military bases protecting the Thang Long Citadel in the Northwest.

It was built mainly by laterite (a typical construction material in Son Tay) which is stacked under quadrilateral structure.

Surrounding the citadel is the tunnel with 3 m wide and about 2 km long.

Son Tay ancient citadel
Son Tay ancient citadel

Previously, 4 gates of the citadel is built by antique brick corresponding to 4 directions: east, west, south, north. Each gate was guarded by 2 cannons to defend it.

However, through many events, it is only retained two cannons located at the northern gate.

Although the ancient city has been devastated, the old vestiges still enough to make visitors put nostalgia.

The major projects are put under construction in the direction of south a�� north.

The attraction

First, visitors will be surprised when they met Tien gate in the south with tree roots wrapped around.

The 18 m high flag pole standing majestically with 2 pedestals and fences around is the epicenter of the ancient city.

Son Tay ancient citadel
Son Tay ancient citadel

Here, visitors can admire the Citadel and beautiful natural sight of the shore of fresh green grass, the trees in the spring, rice flower in March, red phoenix flower in the summer or yellow color of the wild locust every winter a��