Huea��s Royal court music

nha nhac(1)

Huea��s Royal court music is a kind of mainstream music of the country; it is considered as the country music in Nguyen Dynasty period (1802-1945). The Court music is often used to perform in grand occasions of Royal such as when a new king gets the throne; when welcoming ambassadors, in the King Longevity party, in annual ceremonies, funerals or official receptions.

nha nhac(1)

Huea��s Royal court music has elegant lyrics, topping and noble tones. It symbolizes the kingship of an everlasting and prosperous dynasty. Therefore, Huea��s Royal court music was appreciated by imperial dynasties in Vietnam. According to historical records, the court music appeared from Ly dynasty (1010-1225) but it developed strongly in Nguyen Dynasty (1802 a�� 1945).

Performing Huea��s Royal court musicA�need to have instruments including kA?n ba?�u (conical oboe), A�A�n nguya��t (moon-shaped two-string lute), A�A�n tam (fretless lute with snakeskin-covered body and three strings), A�A�n nha�� (two-stringed vertical fiddle), A�A�n ta�? bA� (pear-shaped lute with four strings), sA?o (also called sA?o trA?c; a bamboo transverse flute), tra��ng (drum played with sticks), and other percussion instruments.

Huea��s Royal court music has been recognized as masterpiece of the world intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

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