Backpacking tourism experiences in Hanoi


Hanoi capital becomes famous for the ancient, peaceful and unforgettable memories of a capital thousand years of civilization. Therefore, Hanoi has been considered as safety and ideal destination of millions of abroad as well as domestic tourists.

1. Time to travel

The most appropriate time to travel to Hanoi is from September to November or from March to April. It is time for the warm weather. It will be pleasant, not too dry and hot. A�However, the most interesting season is the autumn. At that time, Hanoi wears itself a new shirt that is most romantic and gentle of the year.


2. Season

Hanoia��s climate is typically for Northern with tropical monsoon type, hot summer, a lot of rain and cold winter, less rain. One outstanding of Hanoia��s climate is the changing and different between hot and cold seasons. Hot season is from May to September with a lots of rain, average temperature is 28,1 A�C. From November to next year March is winter climate with average temperature is 18,6 A�C. Along with 2 transition periods is on April and October, the city has all 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


From HCMC or other provinces, you can go to Hanoi by train, car or plane.

If going by train, you should book tickets at Saigon station ( 01 Nguyen Thong, Ward 9, District 3, HCMC). There are many types of ticket for you to choose (hard seat, soft sate, air-conditioned bed..) cost from VND 782.000 per one. And the train will stop at the Hanoi station on Le Duan Street.

If by car, you can choose the car manufactures as Hoang Long, Mai Linha��Starting from Mien Dong station with the price of about VND 550.000 per one. It takes you about 60 hours by car.

The plane is the fastest means of transportation to Hanoi. It takes you 1:45 minutes for the flight and about 2 hours to carry out procedures. Therefore, the total time that you move from HCMC to Hanoi center is about 5 hours. Airfare from HCMC to Hanoi now oscillates with different prices. You can follow the promotion programs of Vietnam Airline, VietJet Air, Jetstar…

Transportation from the airport to the center of Hanoi.

-Cars of the airport (cost VND 35.000/person). They will take you to No.1, Quang Trung street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

-Taxi (cost about VND 300.000), suitable for large group

– Bus: Take the bus no.7 to Cau Giay transshipment. Then take no.32 or 25 to Giap Bat station.

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