Recognition of 4 tourist routes and 14 destinations in Dong Trieu

Yen Duc village

On February 4th, 2016, Quang Ninh Provincial Peoplea��s Committee issued Decision No. 414 / QD-UBND on the recognition of 4 tourist routes and 14 tourist destinations in Dong Trieu town.

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4 tourist routes

Dong Trieu war site
Dong Trieu war site

Accordingly, the four tourist routes includes spiritual tourist route of Tran dynasty; spiritual tourist route combining with ecological tourism; tourist route of exploring the Dong Trieua��s countryside and the tourist route of De Tu a�� Dong Trieu war site.

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14 tourist destinations

Ho Thien pagoda
Ho Thien pagoda

14 tourist destinations includes An Sinh Temple tourist destination; Thai temple tourist destination (An Sinh commune); Quynh Lam pagoda tourist destination (Trang An commune); Ngoa Van pagoda tourist destination; Ho Thien pagoda tourist destination (Binh Khe commune); historical tourist destination of Centre Dong Trieu War Site (Bac Ma Temple, Binh Duong commune); Cluster of historic relics Mao Khe mine tourist destination (Mao Khe Ward); Yen Duc village tourist destination (Yen Duc commune); Khe Che lake tourist destination (An Sinh commune); Ha Lan Park tourist destination (Mao Khe Ward); Center tourist destination of introducing and selling products OCOP Quang Ninh (Mao Khe Ward); tourist destination of Thanh Dong company Ltd (Binh Duong commune); tourist destination of Thai Son Joint Stock Company 88 (Yen Tho commune) and tourist destination of Branch of Quang Vinh company Ltd (Mao Khe ward).