Hue festival in Vietnam


Hue festival is a major cultural event held in Hue in even-numbered years (every 2 years). Honoring the cultural heritage of Hue is the main purpose of Hue festival. Hue The first name of Hue Festival was Vietnamese-French Festival held in 1992; till 2000, it was renamed a�?Hue festivala�?.

As one of the most important and significant festivals of Hue as well as the country, Hue festival has a lot of festival community programs redesigned in a large space (both inside and outside the city) to contribute to revive the cultural values of Hue.


There are many programs in the festival such as Royal Night, Nam Giao ceremony, Ao Dai festival, sea festival, kite festival, countryside market festival a��

During the festival, Hue City is also redesigned other festivals such as recreating Nguye Hue King image took reign, organizing martial contest, exploring cultural space in Ho Quyen a�� Voi Re area a��. In these festivals, there are plenty of traditional crafts recovering slowly to make Hue become a special and attractive destination for tourists.

During Hue festival, there are a lot of performing art programs bring bold cultural nuances of the 5 continents from many countries and regions all over the world: France, China, Italy, England, United States, Spain, South Korea, Brazil a��.along with other regions including Hawii, Zhejiang, Nord Pas de Calais, Poitou Charentes, Quebec a��.

And Hue festival 2014 will be kicked off officially from 12th to 20th April that will welcome 100,000 international visitors.

In short, Hue festival plays an important role in Vietnamese culture and is a major cultural event that tourists cannot miss when coming to Vietnam.

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