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    Welcome to Andy Nguyen Dinh’s page!

    Name: Andy Nguyen
    Age: 51
    Marital Status: Married
    Number of Children: 8

    Professional Background:
    I started working as a freelance tour guide and tour leader in 1997.
    served as the Saigon operation officer for Buffalo Tours from 2000 to 2006.
    In late 2006, founded Asiana Travel Mate in late 2006 and worked as the CEO until 2018.
    Moved from Saigon to Hue Imperial City in 2018 to expand the market for Asiana Travel Mate.
    Returned to Saigon, and faced challenges including contracting COVID-19, bankruptcy, and being jobless.

    I am currently working as a content writer for travel companies and managing Asia Travel Mate Corp.’s online project.
    Despite facing setbacks, I have shown resilience and adaptability in my career. My experiences as a freelance tour guide, tour leader, and CEO of Asiana Travel Mate have provided me with valuable insights into the travel industry. Managing a restaurant and hotel further expanded my expertise in catering to the needs of tourists. My current role as a content writer and manager at Asia Travel Mate Corp. allows me to utilize my knowledge and skills to promote travel and tourism in Indochina.


    Presently, I hold the esteemed position of being at the helm of Asia Travel Mate Corp. as the Online Manager. In this pivotal role, I spearhead various key areas, including strategy development, marketing initiatives, and fostering deep and meaningful client relationships. This position allows me to leverage my extensive experience and vast knowledge, making significant contributions to the continuous growth and resounding success of the travel industry.

    As the Online Manager, I am responsible for crafting and executing robust strategies that drive the company’s online presence and success. By analyzing market trends, consumer behavior, and industry insights, I develop comprehensive strategies that position Asia Travel Mate Corp. as a leader in the digital space. Through a combination of innovative tactics, targeted campaigns, and effective digital marketing techniques, I ensure our brand reaches a wider audience, captures attention, and remains relevant in a competitive landscape.

    In addition to strategy development, I place great emphasis on fostering meaningful client relationships. By working closely with our valued clients, I gain a deep understanding of their unique needs, preferences, and goals. This enables me to provide tailored solutions, personalized recommendations, and exceptional service that exceeds their expectations. Through open and transparent communication, I build trust, nurture long-term partnerships, and solidify our reputation as a trusted and reliable travel partner.

    Drawing from my wealth of experience and knowledge acquired throughout my career, I remain committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends, emerging technologies, and customer demands. This allows me to continuously innovate, adapt strategies, and implement cutting-edge solutions that keep Asia Travel Mate Corp. ahead of the curve.

    In summary, as the Online Manager of Asia Travel Mate Corp., I am entrusted with pivotal responsibilities encompassing strategy, marketing, and cultivating genuine client relationships. Through my extensive experience and unwavering dedication, I contribute to the ongoing growth and remarkable success of the travel industry, ensuring Asia Travel Mate Corp. remains a distinguished and influential force within the market.

    Here is a detailed of my daily work at Asia Travel Mates Corp. As an Online Travel Mager. As a Senior Travel Specialist, I am an experienced professional who specializes in providing personalized travel services and assistance to senior travelers. My role is to cater to the unique needs and preferences of older adults, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable travel experience. Here are some key tasks and services that as a Senior Travel Specialist I can offer:

    Trip Planning:

    As a Senior Travel Specialist, I can assist in planning and organizing trips according to the specific requirements and interests of your travel needs. I do take into consideration factors such as mobility limitations, accessibility needs, medical considerations, and preferred activities.

    Destination Recommendations:

    Based on my expertise and knowledge of senior-friendly destinations, I can suggest suitable locations that offer a range of amenities and attractions catering to even older adults. I can recommend destinations with accessible accommodations, smooth transportation options, and attractions that are senior-friendly.

    Customized Itineraries:

    As a Senior Travel Specialist, I create tailored itineraries that consider the pace of travel and allow for rest periods, ensuring a comfortable experience. I can suggest activities and attractions that align with the interests of senior travelers, such as cultural tours, scenic drives, leisurely walks, or visits to wellness retreats.

    Accommodation Assistance:

    I can help in selecting accommodations that meet the needs of older adults. I always consider factors such as accessibility, proximity to attractions or medical facilities, availability of amenities like elevators or handrails, and accommodations that provide a comfortable and secure environment.

    Transportation Arrangements:

    As a Senior Travel Specialist, I can assist in arranging transportation that accommodates the specific needs of seniors. This may include coordinating airport transfers, providing information on wheelchair-accessible transportation options, or suggesting the most convenient and comfortable modes of travel for seniors.

    Travel Insurance Guidance:

    I offer guidance on travel insurance options that provide comprehensive coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or any unforeseen circumstances. I help seniors understand insurance policies and choose the most suitable coverage for their travel needs.

    Accessible Tours and Activities:

    As a Senior Travel Specialist, I can recommend and arrange tours and activities that are accessible and suitable for older adults. This may involve selecting guided tours that provide transportation, ensuring attractions have proper facilities for seniors, or arranging activities that are less physically demanding.

    Specialized Services:

    I do provide additional services, such as assistance with mobility aid rentals, arranging for medical equipment, or connecting seniors with local resources or support networks in their destination.

    24/7 Support:

    During the trip, in the role of a Senior Travel Specialist, I offer ongoing support and assistance. I provide a point of contact for any questions, concerns, or emergencies that may arise, ensuring peace of mind for senior travelers and their families.


    I am a Senior Travel Specialist and I am here to create a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for older adults by considering their unique needs and providing specialized services. I will always strive to make travel accessible, comfortable, and memorable for seniors, allowing travelers to explore the world with confidence and ease.

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