Nurturing Ethical Tourism: Lessons from Overcharging Incidents in Da Nang and Ben Thanh Market

As a local tour guide in Vietnam, my mission is to provide authentic, enriching experiences while upholding the values of fairness and transparency. Unfortunately, incidents of overcharging and unethical practices can occur, impacting the trust and satisfaction of travelers. Recent incidents in both Da Nang and Ben Thanh Market serve as reminders of the importance of promoting ethical tourism. In this article, I will share insights from these incidents and discuss how we, as local tour guides, can contribute to a more ethical and responsible tourism industry in Vietnam.

Understanding the Incidents:

In Da Nang, a South Korean tourist fell victim to an unlicensed taxi driver who overcharged her significantly. Similarly, a shop at Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City was ordered to shut down for overcharging a tourist. These incidents shed light on the prevalence of unfair practices that tarnish the reputation of our beloved destinations.

Implications for the Tourism Industry:

Overcharging incidents have far-reaching implications for the tourism industry in Vietnam. They erode trust, discourage repeat visits, and harm the livelihoods of honest service providers and merchants. It is essential for us, as local tour guides, to address these issues and work towards a more transparent and ethical tourism industry.

Promoting Ethical Practices:

As Local tour guides, we play a crucial role in promoting ethical practices and ensuring fair treatment for our guests. Here are some steps we can take:

Education and Awareness:

Stay updated on local regulations, pricing standards, and ethical guidelines. By educating ourselves and sharing accurate information with our guests, we empower them to make informed decisions.


Clearly communicate the expected costs of services, including transportation, meals, shopping, and any potential commissions. Inform guests about any arrangements you have with shops, ensuring transparency and avoiding unexpected costs.

Recommendations and Vetting:

Recommend reliable and licensed service providers, accommodations, and shops to our guests. By vetting these establishments, we can ensure fair pricing and quality experiences. However, when recommending shops, be mindful of any commission-based arrangements. Always prioritize the best interests of your guests and provide unbiased recommendations.

Encourage Fair Bargaining:

Bargaining is a cultural aspect of shopping in traditional markets like Ben Thanh Market. Encourage respectful and fair negotiations, guiding tourists on reasonable price ranges and reminding vendors of the importance of maintaining integrity.

Collaborate with Authorities:

Report instances of overcharging or unethical behavior to the appropriate authorities. By actively cooperating and providing information, we contribute to enforcing regulations and protecting the interests of both tourists and honest businesses.

Promote Consumer Awareness:

Emphasize the importance of checking prices, asking for receipts, and being vigilant during their travel experiences. Encourage tourists to share their experiences and leave reviews to help guide future visitors.

Transparent Commission Practices:

If you have commission-based arrangements with shops, be transparent about them. Clearly explain to your guests that you may receive a commission if they make a purchase. However, emphasize that their satisfaction and best interests are your top priorities, and they are under no obligation to buy from a particular shop.

Advocate for Fair Treatment:

As tour guides, we should also be vigilant when traveling to other places in Vietnam. Just like travelers, we can be susceptible to overcharging or unfair practices. By sharing our experiences and advocating for fair treatment, we contribute to creating a more ethical tourism industry overall.


As personal tour guides, we have the power to shape the tourism industry in Vietnam by promoting ethical practices and fostering trust between travelers and service providers. The incidents of overcharging in Da Nang and Ben Thanh Market remind us of the ongoing need to prioritize fairness and transparency. By educating ourselves, promoting transparency, making informed recommendations, and collaborating with authorities, we can contribute to a more ethical and responsible tourism industry. Together, let us create an environment where every traveler leaves Vietnam with beautiful memories, enriched cultural experiences, and a desire to support our local communities and businesses while making informed decisions about their purchases.

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