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Opening a new bus route to Hanoi’s airport will provide convenient transportation options for travelers and locals alike. Having a reliable and accessible public transportation connection to the airport is essential for a city’s infrastructure. It can reduce traffic congestion, promote sustainable travel, and make it easier for people to reach the airport without relying solely on private vehicles.

The Ministry of Transport and the Hanoi People’s Committee have reached an agreement to inaugurate a fresh electric bus route connecting Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport. The newly introduced route, named E10, spans approximately 35 kilometers and extends from the Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area in Gia Lam District to the airport. The responsibility for operating this route lies with Vinbus Ecological Transport Service Co., Ltd.

In the year 2022, the Hanoi Department of Transport thoroughly assessed and approved the establishment of ten additional electric bus routes. However, the commencement of operations for the E10 route encountered delays due to the airport’s adjustments in planning to accommodate public passenger transport services within its parking lot.

With the new bus route open, passengers will now have an affordable and efficient mode of transportation to and from the airport. It can potentially save time and money compared to other options like taxis or private shuttles. Additionally, a well-planned bus route can offer connections to various parts of the city, making it easier for people coming from different areas to access the airport.

Taking buses when traveling to the airport is a popular choice for many individuals. Presently, various bus routes are available from the city to the airport, in addition to the bus services provided by Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airlines, and Jetstar Pacific.

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