lets feast Vietnam-2023

The opportunity to become a Vietnam Tourism ambassador

Introducing Let’s Feast Vietnam: An Amazing Journey 2023 and the chance to become a Vietnam Tourism Ambassador

Are you ready for an incredible adventure? Let’s FeastVietnam: The Amazing Journey is here, and you have the opportunity to become a Vietnam Tourism Ambassador. Share your love for Vietnam with the world through the contest “What is Vietnam to me?” using #AmazingJourney #LetsFeastVietnam #MyVietnam.

Join Let’s Feast Vietnam as we follow fourteen top content creators from Asia on their exhilarating exploration of Vietnam. The entire journey will be broadcast on Netflix across Asia and for free on DANET in Vietnam starting August 15th. The program was officially launched in Ho Chi Minh City on August 10th, featuring renowned companions Tran Thanh, Hari Won, Ky Duyen, and Minh Trieu. Alongside them were Vietnamese participants, nearly 100 content creators, Ambassador Marc E. Knapper, and invited journalists, all gathered to kick off a short video contest showcasing Vietnamese culture, tourism, and cuisine on Meta’s social media platforms.

The talented content creators will embark on a vibrant journey, exploring the culinary delights and tourist destinations of Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc, Ha Long, and Hanoi. They will face personal challenges and create captivating short videos under time pressure. The total prize pool for the program is 800 million, with 500 million awarded to the team with the most votes and 300 million for the most popular entry on social media.

The participants include prominent content creators from six countries and territories in Asia. They bring diverse talents and backgrounds, ensuring an exciting and entertaining program. Get ready to follow Thao Nhi Le, Vu Dino, Rocker Nguyen, Hwang Joo Won, Olivia Tan, Seo Yeon Kim, Anisha Thai, J Lou, Jaime Marino, Ninong Ry, Machel Wie, Arsyan Dwianto, Brandon, and Joliechi as they explore the wonders of Vietnam.

Let’s Feast Vietnam is a celebration of Vietnam’s youthful energy and dynamic beauty. It serves as a platform for young people to connect, share their creativity, and immerse themselves in unique experiences. The program will be aired on Netflix every Tuesday and Wednesday evening, with ten episodes averaging 50 minutes each. It will be available across Asia on Netflix and for free on the DANET entertainment app in Vietnam from August 15th to August 29th, 2023.

Don’t miss the chance to become a Tourism Ambassador! Join the Reels Challenge: Amazing Journey and create your own short video showcasing your Amazing Journey in Vietnam. Answer the question, “What is Vietnam to me?” and share the beauty of Vietnam with the world. Let’s put Vietnam in the spotlight!

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