For booking Tour and Services on Vietnam Travel Deals in a step-by-step format:

Step 1:

Open a web browser and visit

Step 2:

Navigate to the “Services” section or use the search function to find your desired Tour, Guides, or Travel Services. Click on the tour/service name or the associated link.

Step 3:

Read through the tour/service details, including the description, itinerary, and other relevant information.

Step 4:

Check the pricing and package options available. Choose the package that suits you best.

Step 5:

Verify the availability of the tour/service for your desired date and time. Click on the “Book Now” or “Check Availability” button.

Step 6:

Add funds to your Wallet (minimum 1 USD) if required. Follow the instructions on how to add funds.

Step 7:

Fill in the booking form with your personal information, ensuring its accuracy.

Step 8:

Select the package or group size you want to book. Make any additional selections or customizations if available.

Step 9:

Review the booking summary, including the selected package, date, time, and total cost. Take note of any terms and conditions or cancellation policies.

Step 10:

Proceed to the payment section and choose your preferred payment method.

Step 11:

Complete the payment process securely.

Step 12:

After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email or booking voucher. Keep it for reference.

Step 13:

Before the tour date, carefully read all communication received from the tour provider, noting any specific instructions or requirements.

Step 14:

On the tour day, arrive at the designated meeting point on time, following any provided instructions.

Step 15:

Meet with the tour guides and fellow participants. Listen to the tour guides’ introduction and overview, and follow the instructions and guidance of the tour guides throughout the tour.

Enjoy your Holiday:

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully book and participate in Tour and Services on Vietnam Travel Deals. If you have any specific questions or require further assistance, reach out to the tour provider/seller directly.


To add money to your wallet and maintain a minimum balance for purchasing extra services, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Register and Log in to your account on or service that offers the wallet feature.( if you have already signed in)

Step 2:

Navigate to the Wallet or Account Balance section within your user profile or account settings., if you are the first time booking on Vietnam Travel Deals, then lick to the ORDER button, and it will redirect you to your WALLET page.

Step 3:

Look for an option to Add Funds or Top Up your wallet. Click on that option to proceed.

Enter the amount you want to add to your wallet. In this case, enter a minimum of 1 USD or the required minimum amount as specified by the tour/service.

Step 4:

Select the payment method you prefer for adding funds to your wallet, such as credit/debit card, bank transfer, PayPal, or other available options.

Step 5:

Follow the instructions provided for the selected payment method. Enter the necessary payment details and review any associated fees or charges.

Step 6:

Double-check the accuracy of the entered information and confirm the transaction.

Step 7:

Once the payment is successfully processed, you should receive a confirmation message or notification indicating that the funds have been added to your wallet.

Step 7:

The added amount will be deducted as you make purchases or utilize extra services. If you no longer need any additional services, you can use the remaining balance for future transactions.

Step 8:

Keeping a minimal balance in your wallet may also contribute to your purchase record and future promotions. Some service Sellers/Providers offer rewards or bonuses based on user activity levels or spending thresholds. Our Vietnam travel Deals offer USD400 in tour redemption when you first reach level 3

Remember to refer to the specific tour seller or service provider’s terms and conditions or contact their customer support for accurate information about maintaining a minimum balance, promotions, and any associated benefits or policies.

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