While traveling in Vietnam, tourists may unknowingly make certain mistakes that can impact their experience. Here are 50 common mistakes travelers make in Vietnam that you should be aware of:

  1. Overpacking: Vietnam’s climate is generally hot and humid, so avoid bringing unnecessary heavy clothing.
  2. Not researching visa requirements in advance.
  3. Exchanging currency at the airport: Rates are often better at local banks or currency exchange offices.
  4. Not carrying small denominations of Vietnamese Dong (VND) for small purchases.
  5. Ignoring travel insurance: It’s essential to have adequate coverage in case of emergencies.
  6. Not getting vaccinations and taking necessary health precautions before traveling.
  7. Underestimating travel times: Traffic can be congested, especially in major cities.
  8. Not learning a few basic Vietnamese phrases: Locals appreciate the effort.
  9. Using inappropriate hand gestures or body language that may be offensive.
  10. Disrespecting local customs and traditions.
  11. Dressing inappropriately when visiting religious or conservative sites.
  12. Drinking tap water: Stick to bottled water to avoid getting sick.
  13. Not trying the local street food: It’s one of the highlights of Vietnamese cuisine.
  14. Not bargaining at local markets: Negotiation is expected.
  15. Overpaying for goods or services: Always compare prices and negotiate when appropriate.
  16. Trusting unauthorized tour operators: Use reputable agencies for tours and transportation.
  17. Not checking the weather forecast before planning outdoor activities.
  18. Overbooking activities: Leave some flexibility in your itinerary for spontaneous experiences.
  19. Skipping travel insurance: It’s essential for protecting your belongings and health.
  20. Paying inflated prices for souvenirs in touristy areas: Shop around for better deals.
  21. Not carrying a photocopy of your passport and important documents.
  22. Forgetting to inform your bank of your travel plans to avoid card issues.
  23. Not taking precautions against mosquito bites in certain regions.
  24. Not checking for travel advisories or political situations before visiting certain areas.
  25. Not respecting local etiquette when visiting temples or pagodas.
  26. Being unaware of common scams: Be cautious of overcharging, fake products, and pickpocketing.
  27. Not using reliable transportation options: Choose reputable taxi companies or ride-hailing apps.
  28. Relying solely on credit cards: Cash is still widely used, especially in rural areas.
  29. Not keeping track of your belongings in crowded areas.
  30. Not researching local customs or taboos before visiting ethnic minority communities.
  31. Not giving proper notice when canceling or changing bookings.
  32. Not carrying a travel adapter for electrical outlets.
  33. Not using sunscreen and protective clothing in the intense Vietnamese sun.
  34. Not respecting environmental conservation efforts: Avoid littering and support eco-friendly practices.
  35. Not informing your accommodation of any dietary restrictions or allergies in advance.
  36. Not checking the reliability and safety standards of adventure activities.
  37. Not having a plan for communication or internet access while traveling.
  38. Not experiencing local modes of transportation, such as cyclos or motorbike taxis.
  39. Not keeping an eye on your belongings while on public transportation.
  40. Spending too much time in popular tourist spots and missing out on lesser-known gems.
  41. Not exploring the local culture beyond the surface-level tourist attractions.
  42. Not being aware of local customs and courtesies when interacting with locals.
  43. Not respecting the environment: Avoid damaging coral reefs or natural landscapes.
  44. Not carrying hand sanitizer or tissues for public restrooms that may lack amenities.
  45. Not checking for hidden fees or additional charges before making bookings.
  46. Not being cautious when crossing busy streets: Look out for motorcycles and follow locals’ lead.
  47. Disregarding travel warnings during monsoon season or typhoon alerts.
  48. Not taking precautions against foodborne illnesses: Eat at reputable establishments and avoid undercooked or raw foods.
  49. Not keeping an eye on your belongings in crowded tourist areas.
  50. Not allowing yourself enough time to truly experience and appreciate the beauty and diversity of Vietnam.

By being aware of these common mistakes, you can have a more enjoyable and smooth travel experience in Vietnam.

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